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The Indispensible SSL Certificate: A Must for your E-Commerce Website

February 20, 2009

Ecommerce is all about raking in the money and finding new ways to make more money. But making more money is not as simple as you may think it to be, especially when your consumers don’t feel safe performing online transaction on your website. This is where the Secure Socket Layer or SSL comes into play. Understanding how SSL works and impacts your ecommerce website can potentially help you make more money. When first starting out my own ecommerce company, I availed the services of Devix Corporation – a highly skilled and reliable ecommerce service provider. And it was through them that I first heard of the SSL certification for enhanced security.

SSL is the standard for security that establishes a sort of encrypted connection between the web server and the web browser. A SSL certificate would serve as a guarantee that the information being transferred between the web server and the browser will be kept confidential and private and above all – secure.

Ecommerce websites provide some very exciting opportunities but at the same a lot of Internet users nowadays have started facing a number of security issues and have started becoming conscious about the integrity of their private information and data, especially in matters related to their payment. But when you read about the risks involved in online transaction, you wouldn’t really blame them would you?

As an ecommerce site owner, one of your greatest needs would be to get an SSL certificate. SSL certification for an ecommerce site proves that the site is not a fraud. In addition, it also contains information, which inspires trust and faith in any consumers mind. Right from the name of the certificate Authority who issued the certificate to information about the certificate holder, from the domain that the certificate was issued to right to the root and country that it was issued in – the SSL certificate indeed goes a long way in making your consumers feel safe and secure.

The SSL certificate comes in two varieties – the 40-bit or the 128-bit varieties. However, since the 40-bit encryption is hacked, it is advisable to look for the 128-bit SSL certificate.

How can the SSL Certificate help your ecommerce website?

The SSL certificate can truly help build for your site a solid level of confidence amongst you consumers and web visitors. It is true that visitors to your site feel more secure when they realize that your SSL certified – that golden padlock is a mark of authentication and goes a long way in setting minds at ease. So, start realizing the benefits of ecommerce and get more competitive and comprehensive about your site by first securing it.

The SSL certificate is extremely important if your ecommerce site or online store accepts cash transactions or other forms of payment online. If you ask your consumers to submit any sort of confidential information like addresses or email addresses or if you happen to process any private data like logins or passwords, then the SSL certificate comes into play.

There are essentially two types of SSL certificates – the dedicated certificate that can be obtained from any of the official certificate vendors, and the shared certificate that is offered for free by your web hosting provider.

In an age where Internet scams run rampant and trust is the most important factor in any business, getting a SSL certificate may well be your solution to ecommerce success.


E-Commerce- How can it benefit for your business

February 17, 2009

Benefiting through E-Commerce Websites

Although the Internet is a vast and cavernous industry, an increasing number of people are getting exposed to computers and the Internet today, and knowledge in this field is advancing at a quick pace. In their ever-increasing search for comfort, people have begun learning hot to utilize the Internet for their daily needs and this is where ecommerce sites come into play. Reaching out to a large audience, ecommerce sites are appealing in the sense that they have the ability to entice us with the kind of products and services that they display online.

When starting off my own ecommerce business, I of course took the help of a very convenient and efficient ecommerce service provider – Devix Corporation. And in working with them, I learnt a great deal about the ecommerce business and how ecommerce sites can benefit us. As well all know, ecommerce is quintessentially the trading of goods and services over the Internet – akin to visiting a virtual shopping mall.

Being a veteran of the ecommerce industry, here’s a small piece of advice to all you new comers – before you get started with your own business, it is worth considering the benefits that your company would reap by having an ecommerce website online. In short, does your business really need ecommerce?

What’s in it for you with ecommerce?

With the emergence of ecommerce websites all over the Internet, there have also been a lot of changes taking place in the selling and purchasing of goods. So, going through websites like eBay or Amazon would be wise to see how they generate their sales revenue.

So, whether you have already established a business or plan on setting up one, or whether the volume of your business happens to be large or small, you can always generate profits by displaying your goods and services online – which in turn results in the generation of a huge amount of viewer exposure.

So the question of the hour would be – how can a simple little ecommerce website help you generate higher sales revenues?

There are indeed several advantages to having an ecommerce website.

•    Your goods and services that are showcased on your website will provide you with the necessary exposure to attract millions of visitors to your website.
•    Time being a very important factor, many a times you will that customers find it extremely difficult to physically visit your store. Instead, you bring your store to the customer (via the Internet) and your store will be an instant success. Your customers won’t be hard pressed for time and your e-store is always open, 24/7.
•    Your e-store comes replete with product images and descriptions, making it easy for your customer to get a good idea about your services.
•    Setting up and maintaining a brick and concrete store comes with its share of exorbitant overhead costs, hiring personnel expenses and the likes. Alternatively, having your own e-store wouldn’t cost you a great deal and is an efficient way to demonstrate and provide information about your products.
•    The promotion of your store is of vital importance and using the Internet as a medium to advertise your site is a cheaper and more effective way to go about doing it.
•    The only basic requirement for any ecommerce website would be to have a top-notch design that attracts customers while at the same time looks capable enough to rub shoulders with your major competitors.

Gradually, an increasing number of people have begun to pick up on the fact that ecommerce is an extremely affordable way to purchase or sell goods as opposed to the traditional method of buying or selling. And it has already been established that ecommerce will only continue to mature in the future, and in the long run become a key business strategy that will be adopted so as to thrive and flourish in this fast paced market to stay ahead of competitors.

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February 17, 2009

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