Is your ecommerce store ready for the Holiday Season?

Is your ecommerce store ready for the Holiday Season?

Ever since I started my own ecommerce business and launched my own website (of course with the help of Devix Corporation – a tried and tested and wholly reliable ecommerce service provider), I have become absolutely adamant about testing websites for navigation and security. With summer rushing in, it is the perfect time to plan out the upcoming holiday season’s sales campaigns. And before this gets done, it’s just the right time to make sure that things are running smoothly.

With such tremendous numbers of people going online these days to shop, there have emerged a vast number of ecommerce businesses in the form of online stores, most of which will most likely be your competitors. These days, it pays to be more than just someone who offers the best deal. You have to be the best on the whole – right from the design of your website to the way you guide your customers to the tools you provide your shoppers with for their security. When starting my own ecommerce business, I hired the services of a very reliable and talented ecommerce service provider – Devix Corporation. And a lot of what I learnt today, I have picked up from them.

Now that you have managed to open up your own online store and things are just starting to sail smoothly, you need to ask yourself if you’re ready for the holiday season. Here are (according to me) ten important factors to look into when checking to see whether your online store is ready for the holiday season or not:

•    SSL Certificate – A dedicated SSL certificate gives your website that much needed credibility. Make sure that it is working properly and there should be no errors. If found, all errors need to be fixed impromptu.
•    Navigation – Customers need to browse through an online store that’s user friendly. Make sure your site is easily navigable so that your potential customers will find things easily either by browsing or through searching.
•    Payment Options – Let your customers know straight up what payment options you accept. It is very frustrating for the customer to find a satisfactory product and at the last minute just before making the purchase to find out that you don’t accept payment methods like PayPal and Discover.
•    Customer Guidance – Make sure that you can guide your customers’ right through the entire checkout process.
•    Browser Compatibility – Test your website pages on various browsers, both a MAC and a PC. There are many online sites available that can provide you with the means to test your pages on browsers that you don’t have installed.
•    Serve Space Cleanup – Get rid off all those unnecessary files. Make sure that all the important redirects are still working. Correct your website’s error page (404 page not found) and make sure it contains a custom, more user –friendly message than this.
•    Shipping Services – Exorbitant shipping costs are still the biggest reason for cart abandonment. Save your customers from this nightmare by providing them with a means to preview these costs before they checkout.
•    Inventory – Maintain your inventory. If you plan on using real-time tracking online as well as offline, then it is for the best.
•    Email Services – With the increasing amount of spam clogging everybody’s mailboxes, it is about time you find out new tools that could help you separate the junk from the legitimate mail.
•    Ad Campaigns – When it comes to advertising, never procrastinate! Start planning out your banner designs, your keywords for web advertising, and your budget as well. Make sure your print advertising pages are all set to go.

This however, is only the tip of the ecommerce iceberg. Once you start planning for the holiday season ahead, the chances of many more steps revealing themselves to you are very strong. If on the other hand, you feel that you cannot do all of this on your own or maybe you happen to be a newcomer to the world of ecommerce, then perhaps hiring a trustworthy ecommerce service provider (such as Devix) isn’t such a bad idea. When I first got started with my own website, I availed the services of Devix Corporation. And, with their help I have a booming business today – season time or no season time.


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