Check your elogistics before going Online

Logistics are a vital part of customer satisfaction. A large part of logistics today is being impacted by the ecommerce industry, especially in its customer to business segment. In the last few years many companies have shifted their focus from ecommerce to outsourcing elogistics.

Elogistics can be defined as an IT-enhanced function that stretches right from the front end of your online store all the way to the backend where the customer is located. This entire process includes the following functions:

•    Order Management
•    Warehouse Management & Fulfillment
•    Transport & Delivery
•    Returns Management
•    Customer Service related issues

Here are a couple of tips designed to make your online business run easily:

•    For ecommerce stores, customers’ expectations differ greatly. Thus, you must start building an adequate elogistics infrastructure before you get started with building up your business. Analyze and understand the market requirements and try to adjust all your distribution channels in accordance with the requirements of the ecommerce industry.
•    Start by creating a checklist that covers all the important areas – from Business Plan Development and Supplier Management to Order Management, Returns Management and Inventory Management, and so on and so forth. This is very useful. When selling your products online, you should look further into Information Management as the ecommerce industry of today demands for the integration of diverse systems in the net.

Ecommerce business owners with already existing websites are now concentrating on elogistics, as a far more convenient and intelligent way to get their products and services to their customers. Transportation eMarketplaces and the likes have now started facilitating transport by putting the carriers and shippers together in the same allotted space. If you don’t have a proper elogistics plan in mind, you can always turn towards outsourcing in order to solve all your elogistics challenges. When starting off with my own ecommerce business, I was clueless about the inner details of the industry. It was through the undivided support and guidance of my ecommerce service provider – Devix Corporation (Devix V.5) that I learnt enough to survive and prosper in this trade.


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